Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to the Party, Al

Al Franken is the junior senator from Minnesota. I can't wait to see O'Reilly tonight.

With a theoretically filibuster-proof majority of 60 the democrats could steamroll any program they wish through congress now. Dems being dems, of course, this won't happen. Accordingly, the repubes have one last chance to play nice with Barry and have a hand in how the country moves forward for at least the next few years. If they don't, the only hope they have is for the country to spin further down the toilet towards final ruin. Their past behavior suggests this is precisely what they'll do. Either way they are screwed. Hopefully not the rest of us with them.

Now we have to insist that the unherded cats that are our Democratic representatives in congress can pull it together long enough to do the job we collectively sent them to DC to do.

It's the Al Franken Congress now.

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jawrat said...

I was listening to the right wingnut pundits on the radio today yammering about how 'its not supposed to be this way, one party controlling all three branches of govt' yadda yadda ad nauseum. how short their memories are...it's only as far back as three years ago and it was the elephants ruling the roost...and we all know how much of a bang up job they did!

i'm hoping they can start opening the house with a nice rendition of terrapin or shakedown sometime... lol