Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Did Obama Really Win the Presidency?

Seriously folks, if the dems in Massachusetts couldn't hold Ted Kennedy's seat, how did they manage to win the White House or their still significant majorities in both houses of Congress. It seems we're back to the way things were before Barry won in '08.

The question now is whether the dems in Congress have the balls to get healthcare passed in any of the remaining methods available to them without 60 votes once Sen. Brown (R-Mass) is sworn in. Personally I like the one that has them get the compromise done and voted on before he has to be sworn in according to Massachusetts law. I believe that brings it to about Jan. 29.

You got 10 days folks. Can you do it?

Jon Stewart observed that the Repubelicans never had 60 in the Senate yet they did absolutely anything they wanted. Why??


KwaveD said...

Yes, Obama won the presidency. I believe his electric candidacy brought out an electorate that had previously, and apparently continues to stay home during mid terms or, in this case, a special election. Americans typically do not go wonking into that good night, they would much rather watch the latest salacious scandal or trumped up TV show about nothing.

Check out this essay:

If You're Disillusioned with Obama, You Don't Understand How He Won

眼淚 said...

Every why has a wherefore.........................................