Sunday, February 14, 2010

Iran: What Are We Waiting For?

No don't worry, I'm not about to go all Cheney on you. Military action in Iran by us or by Israel is not possible. The targets are too deep, too numerous, and probably not all identified. We can't accomplish our goals that way, and we never could have even had we done something back when Cheney was calling the shots. All that we would do is ruin the ongoing opposition movement which, though certainly not a liberal one by western standards, certainly would be by Iranian standards.

The so-called "crippling sanctions" against the regime and particularly geared towards the Revolutionary Guard should be engaged immediately without further delay. No muslim state in the region would object since the Shiite Persian regime stands as a threat to all Sunni Arab regimes to the west. Afghanistan and Pakistan are largely irrelevant. Only China and Russia could object but doing so would simply expose them for the rogue nations that they may be trying to avoid becoming (well China anyway, the Russians don't generally care much as they have their own oil but just like sticking it to the west and the US in particular for not somehow preventing the Russian slide into a crime ridden alcoholic haze in the post-cold war era).

Strange bedfellows could be made from such an arrangement, especially if it succeeds enough to instigate some manner of Iranian lashing out before they actually manage to enrich enough useful weapons grade uranium. Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Syria anyone?

What do we have to lose by trying???


jawrat said...

waaaaaaait a minute...

while I agree that military action would be foolish....

do you not believe that the 'ongoing opposition movement' in Iran is the work of our very own spooks? i'm sure that some fraction of the population chafes under the rule of the religious fundies, but notice how much more public the demonstrations have become over the past year? it's pretty plain to see that we've been covertly been encouraging rebellion in hopes of destablizing the country. nice try, but I doubt it's going to have any serious long term effects.

as far as the Sino-Russian stuff...yeah, the Russkies just want to stick it to us (oh, and they've got a big money contract with Iran to build reactors, nu?)...The Chinese are another story altogether...they see the big picture, and know that if they can lock in contracts on resources now (petro-resources) they may have us over a barrel later. and if they can't lock in contracts now, at least they can be friends to the persians and later that friendship will get them some kid of preferential treatment in the future (esp since the Iranians hold no love for the US)

it's a giant shiat sandwich and we're all gonna have to take a bite.

KwaveD said...

what you suggest will only perpetuate the myth of American supremacy on earth and our de facto function as police of the world. The authoritarian model is not working. Meddling with the internal affairs of sovereign nations is duplicitous and by and large unnecessary.

Have you learned nothing from the past 50 years of mis adventure in foreign affairs by this government.

Lassez faire dear brother please.