Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GOP: The Party of Nero

For over 30 years we have watched while a political party took the reigns of power by declaring the best government is that government which governs least. The notion took hold by virtue of twisted mythologies, blatant lies, interminable fear-mongering, subtle race-baiting, adolescent machismo, cowboy inanities, bad history, bad economic theory, bad corporate structure, bad foreign policy, bad math, bad science, no respect for the labor that actually built this country, stalinist tactics, purism in religion, absurd utopian conceptions of human behavior, suspicion of excellence, rejection of debate, refusal to compromise, and dividing to conquer. For over 30 years they have refused to address a staggering array of problems which, in their time, could have been handled had they engaged the drive and ingenuity of the American people. But they failed to do so because they were leaders who failed to lead all the while proclaiming how well they were leading. For over 30 years they had plenty they could have done but instead did nothing. All the while, they gave it away with a smirk as if this nation was some monstrous garage sale disgorging trinkets to the poor neighbors. They did not govern as that which governs least. They have governed as that which does not govern at all. For over 30 years the GOP has not been simply The Party of No. They have been The Party of Nero, fiddling away while our country turned to shit before our very eyes.


jawrat said...

and the democrats are so much better? saw Jesse Ventura on Larry King yesterday....completely agreed with him that BOTH major parties have just about sunk this country. i'd wager that greater than 90% of the politicians in this country (of either party) vote party first, and THEN (if they feel like it or it's profitable to them personally) what their constituents want.

basically? the gov't as it stands is fuxored and needs to be replaced (at least the members who make up that gov't, not the system itself...the system is supposed to work!)

Gravitar Profundus said...

other than the pure comedy of the clash of metal that was Eric Massa on Glen Beck's show yesterday, one significant point was made. while beck was pressing massa for some sort of dirt on emanuel or specific act of congressional corruption, massa insisted that everyone in congress was dedicated to their jobs in an ethical manner. the problem, especially in the House, is that they are under so much pressure to raise money for campaigning that it affects time spent on actual issues and makes the entire process difficult. to me it sounds almost like a reverse implication of the entire system as opposed to individuals. enact public financing of elections and things would change, is essentially what he was getting at. Beck, of course, doesn't get it. but he's nuts.

KwaveD said...

You are right jawrat, the dems are not demonstratively more effective at governance. I think the point is that at least they BELIEVE in governing which is something that the GOP at least according to its leadership doesn't really much care for. The GOP never met a regulation they liked. This country is being destroyed by run away corporate policies that destroy the environment, the food chain, the health-care system, and in addition have perpetrated the largest fraud ever in recording history through Wall Street non-regulation. Dems though have equal if not greater responsibility for the legal aspects of the recent redistribution of wealth from the middle to the top via the credit-default swap scam.

As I see it though it isn't about government anymore. This government -- all 3 branches -- are mere extensions of corporate boardrooms. Now I have to agree with Mr. Profundus that this ultimate consolidation of power and assets has come predominately under the lack of governance by the GOP in the legislative and executive branches.

While Rome burns though let us ponder WHAT IF it were possible to install a government that actually governed and that understood that the real enemies of every american family aren't living in caves in Pakistan or Yemen that the real enemy are the FED, the Wall Street enablers and the super-rich greed-head me-first profit-uber-alles corporate tyranny that has in essence enslaved us all into an unsustainable vapid society that cares more about the latest iPhone then health of its citizens.

Gravitar is right this is a systemic issue, the individuals that are attracted to work this system are themselves already corrupted and ready to serve their corporate masters. This must stop. First step: Do away with the FED and implement JFK's Executive Order 11110 and reassign the assets these families have amassed via their private ownership of the FED for the benefit of the public welfare including health education housing and other fundamentals required for daily life and not for personal luxury and stinking greed of the very very few. Make our money our money again and not a paper tiger managed with instruments designed to make the rich richer.

Impose EXTREMELY STRICT regulation and EXTREMELY HARSH penalties for corporate managements that engage in activities that go against the public good. Just like the jack-boot authoritarians do today its a shoot first ask questions later policy --- if they introduce an unsafe product or ingredient put them out of business and imprison those responsible for many years or life. If a company pollutes a river they are to be shut down and those responsible imprisoned for life. You do this and suddenly you will see how clean the air is, how clean the water is, how healthy the food is. Use the same techniques they have used on them short of torture of course.

Do away with all forms of advertising. This is coercion.