Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marriage Is So Gay

For the life of me I can't understand why anyone cares if the government recognizes the union of consenting adults and calls it marriage.  Why anyone feels they need the stamp of approval of the state in order to ratify the love they have in their hearts for another grants the state more authority over matters of devotion and commitment than any government ought to have over its people. If anyone of a particular religious sect doesn't want to recognize some of these marriages between people, then that is surely their right. No one is suggesting that gay marriage be mandated by any religion.  Demanding that their dogma be imposed on anyone not willingly a part of their sect though? Absolutely not. And claiming that the state ought to abide by religious strictures because of a false notion that the state exists because of that sect's dogma? False on its face.

The United States is NOT a Christian nation.  
It is a nation with a lot of Christians in it.

If the state is to allow an adult to declare their commitment to another adult and grant certain rights in property and entitlement benefits with that declaration, then any restriction of that right which refuses to recognize any declaration by any set of consenting adults is discrimination on its face just as surely as interracial marriage bans used to be discriminatory.

If you happen to be offended by that concept, so what? You have no right against being offended.  The rest of the population need not lower itself to your standards because you're such a sensitive soul so easily made queasy by two men kissing?  Grow a pair, huh?


Anonymous said...

Because it's about receiving the same legal benefits afforded to male/female marriages.
This includes tax returns, Social Security benefits, insurance benefits, visitation rights, community property rights, and of course, respect.

Yes, respect is indeed a legal benefit.

Kevin Schmidt

Gravitar Profundus said...

Kevin, i hope you don't take from this post that i'm against gay marriage. quite the opposite. although i DO question why the state has any business with the notion of marriage AT ALL, if there is going to be such a thing in government, then it should be available for all consenting adults regardless of their gender preferences.